Next generation of Corda

A regulatory-compliant network does not mean isolated and closed. R3’s Corda is the world’s first natively permissioned DLT platform designed for regulated markets. The next generation of Corda builds on these core capabilities, and paves the way for frictionless exchange of value between separately regulated networks including Corda-based applications and apps on other DLT platforms.

Architected for critical systems

Horizontal Scalability

Corda can scale for growth and large volumes on cloud-native technology that contains identity, network and notary features all in one ‘runtime instance’

High Availability

Pathway to reaching maximum uptime. Redundant workers ensure continuous availability and scale for growth and large volumes

Lower cost of ownership 

A multi-tenanted Corda platform means using shared infrastructure to reduce cost of ownership per network participant

Integrates easily with existing systems

Corda uses standard sets of technologies such as HTTPs, X509 and RESTful APIs to enable deployment and integration with the enterprise ecosystem, and compliance with enterprise security policy

Application network

No need to decide on your network model at the outset of a project. Start with a centralized, private network and gradually decentralize over time

Peer to Peer communications

JSON/REST over standard HTTPS web protocols for exchanging data

Connecting regulated networks

Connect with R3

R3’s goal is to unlock the widest possible reach for Corda users, and the assets and value they control, with as little friction as possible and no sacrifice for safety. 

Join the new era of a more open, trusted and enduring digital economy.

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