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Enterprise benefits of true DLT interoperability

The future of enterprise blockchain depends on the ability of distributed technology providers to work together to connect multiple blockchain and DLT platforms in a standards-based and collaborative way. We believe that there will be a proliferation of digital assets and currencies in the coming years across multiple networks of value. Openness and interoperability–not isolated walled gardens– are the key to unlocking new sources of opportunities across the industry.

‘vendor lock-in’
Blockchain choice and optionality
Open source development
Access to regulatory-friendly liquidity
Asset bridging and atomic swaps
Secure and seamless transactions

The future is interoperable

The backbone of the new digital economy is already forming. Countries, institutions, and entire industries are becoming more connected by leveraging distributed technology. Today’s modern regulated institution wants to be a part of an interconnected ‘network of networks’ on multiple DLT platforms, where assets transact seamlessly and securely across protocols. To support cross-industry collaboration R3 and Adhara are proud to announce the launch of a ground-breaking initiative—Harmonia, a Hyperledger Lab.

Discover a regulatory-compliant platform that’s also open

Corda is the world’s 1st native, permissioned distributed platform that provides a foundation for regulated distributed network interoperability across blockchain protocols.

Open, trusted, and enduring

While interoperability is the future, regulated entities still need a trusted, distributed infrastructure in place today that continues to meet their security, operational, and compliance requirements. The next generation of Corda is designed to interoperate with an ecosystem of separately regulated networks, while also helping customers maintain digital financial sovereignty of their digital assets and data across networks and geographies.

Market participants are already banking on Corda to power a distributed, yet connected future

Fnality and HQLAX demonstrate the first cross-chain repo swap pilot

Discover the successful demonstration of the first cross-chain repo swap pilot by Fnality and HQLAX, in collaboration with Banco Santander, Goldman Sachs, and UBS. The pilot project utilized Corda and Enterprise Ethereum blockchain platforms to enable efficient and secure securities lending and collateral management across different blockchain networks. The demonstration showcased the potential of cross-chain interoperability in the financial industry, allowing for enhanced liquidity and reduced counterparty risk. This pilot also led to R3 and Adhara’s contribution of the Hypledger Lab, Harmonia.

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The Central Bank of the UAE’s Financial Infrastructure Transformation (FIT) Programme

The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (CBUAE) selected Corda as its underlying distributed ledger technology to assist in implementing its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) strategy. This collaboration demonstrates CBUAE’s recognition of the next generation of Corda’s advanced capabilities, fostering digital innovation and digital transformation in the UAE’s financial sector.

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DTCC’s Project Ion platform and Next-Gen Corda

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has chosen Corda for its Project Ion platform. Project Ion represents one of the largest DLT initiatives in equities settlement across the financial services industry, aiming to modernize the processing and settlement of securities. DTCC’s decision to adopt Corda reflects its recognition of the platform’s capabilities in enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing transparency in the securities industry – being built to support a netted T+0 settlement cycle, as well as T+2, T+1 and extended settlement cycles.

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Revolutionizing Italian interbank reconciliation

The Spunta Project, a collaborative effort by the Italian Banking Association (ABI), SIA, and the Italian banking sector, leveraged the transformative potential of Corda. The project has revolutionized interbank reconciliation in Italy, leading to enhanced transparency, real-time visibility, and automated processes that are now streamlining traditional financial operations and fostering greater collaboration among banks.

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Cross-chain digital securities settlement with stablecoin

demonstrates DataChain’s industry-first demo highlighting cross-chain digital securities settlement leveraged Corda to enable seamless and secure settlement across different blockchain networks. The DataChain and R3 collaboration highlights Corda’s potential in facilitating interoperability and growing interest in DLT to enhance cross-chain functionality and unlock new possibilities in the digital asset ecosystem.

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Hyperledger Lab, Harmonia

R3, in partnership with Adhara, has launched a Hyperledger Lab—Harmonia—to accelerate the development of interoperability protocols for regulated financial institutions. Harmonia will address the constraints and requirements of regulated financial networks to achieve true atomic settlement across blockchain networks. This will bring regulated markets one step closer to safe and secure enterprise DLT interoperability.

Set of principles, requirements, designs, and code samples to help regulated blockchain networks interoperate

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